Our craftsmen assemble these customized tiles using the age-old technique called Broken Tile Mosaics or “Pique Assiette.” Utilizing a wide range of non-uniform, slightly tumbled stones, we create tile that interlocks seamlessly to cover any sized area. Our hand selection process ensures that your installation is unique to you.

Random Colors

Beige & Tan Marble Mix
Beige Marble
Beige Marble & Quartz Mix
Black Basalt
Forest Marble Mix
French Mix
Grey Marble
Honey Forest Mix
Honey Quartz
Megamix Marble & Quartz - Discontinued
Mixed Quartz
Motley Grey
Sterling Grey
Sterling Megamix
Swirl Grey
Swirl Grey & Beige
Tan & Grey Marble
Tan Marble
White Marble
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