See it first. Virtual Coverings Event Recording.

April 22, 2020


No Trade Show. No problem.

While we are lusting for a good vacation, we are excited to connect with all of our tile friends virtually. Now you can connect with us through videos, Instagram live events, webinars and virtual meetings, right from the comfort of your own chateau-de-home-office. 

Every year, we attend the Coverings trade show to share our newest products and to give a sneak peek of products coming soon. We are excited to show you our new merchandising and new products coming soon in this virutal zoom event. While we were hoping to show you all of this cool stuff during an Instagram live session on 4/22, the video froze, so we decided to use the time to record a zoom presentation for you to watch. 

Contact your account manager for more information and to schedule an in-depth presentation.






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