Recap on Island Stone 2016 Releases

January 24, 2017

Tags: New Products

To keep it clean, here are our new product launches, organized chronologically, for the 2016 Calendar year!

What do we mean by launch? Any product we launch is in stock here in the US and available for immediate sale! If you see it here, it is waiting to be use on your next project!

Paragon and Dunes: Launched in March

These incredible designs speak for themselves, but if you have not already, take a close look at the incredible natural stone wall surfaces:

Watch our Introductory Video or Click images for more information.

Line Extensions: Launched in July

We expanded the range of some of our most popular designs with new colors and stones

Waveline & Palms are now offered in the dramatic new Tule  & Azure colors

The Popular Blends of  Poppy Seed and Black & Tan are now offered in our Level Pebble
Not quite new, but after a short hiatus the return of the popular Latte Quartz stone is great news for all that love our Random Tile mosaic

Briqs: September

An elegant thin brick design highlights four of our premier stones in elegant formats and subtle, natural finishes.

Watch our Introductory Video or Click images for more information.

Rustic II in Sandstone Grey: November

Sandstone Grey, an established Island Stone favorite in a natural finish, is transformed through honing the surface. The honed finish, enhances the popular light grey surface with occasional darker veining, giving the stone a dramatic appearance