paragons Kitchen

September 27, 2016

Sarah Prater: "My husband, the writer, comes from a very urban lifestyle and I, the designer,  was raised in a very rural, country setting.  He was a single man who immersed himself in art and music.  I was a single mom of three kids who immersed herself in cartoons and snotty noses.  We married at a surprise wedding…an “engagement party” we hosted for our families and closest friends.  I walked down the aisle to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”.   So when discussing our unique design style, it only makes sense to stick with the theme!

Small-town girl rustic meets city-boy modern minimalist in this dream-worthy kitchen remodel.  Two creative minds merged styles to bring this distinctive space to life.  A forever home with “forever flair” was the ultimate goal – to design a conversation piece, but maintain a casual feel that wouldn’t tire with time.