Customized Rustic Cladding Wall

May 30, 2017

Tags: rustic

Todd Peddicord ( custom designed this incredible wall surface on behalf of a sport enthusiast client eager to have a distinctive open aired cabana that looked out on the gorgeous pool and golf course surrounding their property.

Here is Todd's commentary on the Inspiration for the design:

"The inspiration for the Island Stone Tile layout was inspired by the design I had come up with for the columns of the cabana.  For visual interest I designed large triangular columns and implementing those triangular shapes into the stone layout made for a nice compliment.  Also, by changing the angle of the stone I knew I would get beautiful and unique shadowing which enhanced the overall effect.The style of the cabana is modern but with the use of the warm tones in the stone, wood, and furniture it feels very inviting and blends nicely with the surroundings. I found this stone at a high end tile store in my area and was immediately drawn to it.  The modern styling and 3 dimensional aspect along with its rich tones made it ideal for this project. "


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