A Commitment To Quality

November 8, 2016

We have taken a unique approach to manufacturing our designs in Indonesia. Along with building brand new facilities that house state of the art equipment and were designed to include environmentally friendly recycling systems, our strongest asset is our team of craftsmen and craftswomen.

Below are some recent pictures of our team making the greatest natural stone mosaics in the world.

Welcome to our indonesian manufacturing facilities.

Mopeds are the most popular from of transportation, but parking at the workplace is an art in itself!
It takes incredible skill to identify desired stones and place them in the appropriate patterns.  Training, years of experience and a comfortable work environment insure we do it to the highest level.

New designs and materials means ongoing education and training to insure the desired looks are achieved.
Efficient drying is crucial to insure mosaics maintain their desired pattern.
Everyone on the team is focused on quality and along with quality control throught the products creation, every piece gets a final check before it gets packaged.Our overseas stock is a unique service that supports are domestic stock, dramatically shortening lead times for unexpected or larger project orders.
Once the days done, things can look pretty peaceful. 

We are committed to a quality workplace and we work closely with the Indonesian government to insure a safe working environment that exceeds the strict standards associated with employment and manufacturing in Indoensia.