Cladding Series

Our exotic colored and textured stone, precision-cut to aesthetically unique shapes and sizes are designed to fit together to produce truly unique, dramatic vertical surfaces.

Briqs »

Briqs are thin brick designs that are installed like tile. 

Cross Strips »

Our unique take on the classic herringbone design, offering parallelogram strips meshed in an unconventional angled pattern. 

Rustic Cladding »

Rustic Cladding is distinguished by the natural textured relief of the Vtile pattern of the stone.

Mini Split »

Slender strips of varying lenght are glued in a tight interlock to create the refined appeal look of Mini Split tile.

Craftline Strip Cladding »

Taking new stones in new directions,

Strip Cladding »

Hand selected for texture and color, each natural stone Strip Tile creates an exceptional  surface.

Rustic II »

Similar to the Rustic Cladding, the Rustic II Cladding is distinguished by a honed surface of carefully chosen stones.

Parallels Cladding »

Parallels Cladding arranges varying widths of natural-face stone strips in an offset pattern, creating a natural and subtly distinctive surface.

Vtile™ »

Shaped like a wedge, the Vtile™ is thin at one end and thick at the other adding a stunning three dimensional relief to a wall.

Vtile™ II »

The Vtile II adds a new dimension to the widely popular Vtile™ range.

Large Vtile™ »

Shaped like a wedge, the  Large Vtile™ is thin at one end and thick at the other adding a stunning three dimensional relief to a wall.

Uniform Cladding »

The Uniform Cladding group of tile combines the popular offset design of rustic with the sleek simple elegance of hand chipped and flamed Andesite stone.

Slat Tile »

The Slat Tile is a cladding with the angle cut across the width rather than the length, as in the Vtile.

V Squares »

V Squares Cladding creates a varied relief pattern that intertwines across a surface.

Parallels V »

Parallels V Cladding integrates the dynamic relief of our VTile designs and flat tiles into a mesh backed tile.