Pebble Series

The tile genre that Island Stone created, the Pebble Tile Series will make stunning, seamless surfaces of unmatched quality and uniqueness!

Perfect Pebble »

Island Stone invented the "pebble tile" in 1998 and our Perfect Pebble Tile remains the premier pebble tile in the world.

King Pebble »

Based on the original Perfect Pebble tile, it uses a much larger sized, flat pebble to create a rugged, powerful look.

Level Pebble »

Level Pebble meshes the aesthetic of our Perfect Pebble with the flawless flat surface of our Random tiles.

Strip Pebble »

Strip Pebble reflects the desire for modern designs using natural materials.

Stacked Pebble »

With the Stacked Pebble, Island Stone has taken the Pebble Tile in an exciting new direction by highlighting the side edge of the pebble.

Celestial »

In Celestial Pebble Tile, our King Pebble tile surface is punctuated by careful placement of small opposing colored pebbles.

Petite Pebble »

In the Petite Pebble Tile, the profound perfection of our Perfect Pebble tile is offered in a smaller pebble size. 

Garden Pebble »

Loose pebbles by Island Stone provide the option of using the pebble look to enhance your living environment in a less structured way.