Random Tiles

Our craftsmen assemble these customized tiles using the age-old technique called Broken Tile Mosaics or “Pique Assiette.” Utilizing a wide range of non-uniform, slightly tumbled stones, we create tile that interlocks seamlessly to cover any sized area. Our hand selection process ensures that your installation is unique to you.

Random Tiles Colors

Swirl Grey & Beige Marble
Swirl Grey
Sterling Grey & Grey Mix
White Marble
White Onyx
Beige Marble
Honey Quartz
Mixed Quartz
Tan Marble
Grey Marble
Sterling Grey
Black Basalt
Beige Marble & Quartz Mix
Beige & Tan Marble Mix
Marble & Quartz Mega Mix
French Mix
Sterling Megamix
Tan & Grey Marble
Honey Forest Mix
Forest Marble Mix
Latte Quartz

Also In The Random Tiles Series

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