Perfect Pebble

Island Stone invented the "pebble tile" in 1998 and while it spawned a new market, our Perfect Pebble Tile remains the premier pebble tile in the world. No other pebble offers Perfect Pebbles seamless appearance and smooth flat surface. To create Perfect Pebbles,  pebbles are individually sorted to insure only pebbles displaying  the highest quality, size, color and flatness are used.  These small, premium pebbles are placed in our proprietary interlocking shape to create a pebble tile of unmatched consistency and quality.  We invite you to learn more about what makes our pebble tile different from the adjacent product video.



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Product Suggestions

Consider using Island Stone's Solid Stone Series to create a perimeter or as a great floor option when using Pebble Tiles on walls. Also our glass's vibrant colors and hues can create a complementary and profoundly impactful look when used in conjunction with Pebbles Tile.