Halo Edging: A new direction in mosaic tile design

August 25, 2017

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A Short History..

In the late 90's Island Stone disrupted the traditional mosaic tile industry with the introduction of the interlocking Perfect Pebble Tiles. 

From these humble beginnings, blossomed a dynamic range of stone mosaics, designed to create seamless surfaces with a distinctly natural appeal.  


Until Today..

Halo Edging is our design team’s innovative method of building modern geometric mosaic tiles, combining the attractive natural shapes of pebbles with pre-cut stone.

This groundbreaking approach defines a perimeter shape by hand placing specially cut stones to create a defined edge and then filling in this frame with full pieces of the same stone. The resulting design creates a geometric halo around the distinctive mosaic shapes.

The tiles create a distinct modern pattern while still featuring the desirable appeal of natural stone mosaics.

We invite you to view both designs on our website as well as in our introductory video below.


Introductory Video

Products: Honeycomb Cobbles & Randoms

Our introductory range is a classic hexagonal shaped tile offered in two distinct designs made from popular stones in our Random and Cobble formats.

While identical in outline, the unique personalities of the Cobble’s rounded pieces and Random’s irregularly tumbled shapes result in two versatile designs.

Honeycomb Cobbles Product Page

Honeycomb Randoms Product Page


Product Details


Area: .624 sq.ft/piece
Thickness:  1/2”
Surface: Honed

Applications: Interior & Exterior: Yes  

Water Application: Yes    

Floor: Yes    

Water/Pool: Okay*    

Freeze &Thaw: Yes    

Grout recommendation: Sanded


*Installations should adhere to guidelines outline for natural stone by the TCNA. Product specific installation details are included in all orders and available online att www.islandstone.com 


50% Off Sample Display Promotion ( Island Stone Distributor/Dealers Only)

The following Samples diplays are offered at 50% off through Nov 1, 2017

Honeycomb Cobbles

  • 15" Y3 Card: code: y3hc3: $10 (normally $20)
  • 12"x24" Wallboard: Code wbhc3: $15 (normally $30)

Honeycomb Randoms

  • 15" Y3 Card: code: y3hc3: $10 (normally $20)
  • 12"x24" Wallboard: Code wbhr3: $15 (normally $30)